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Engagement Program Use for Welcome Series emails?

Question asked by d7881fdb1aff9f9d2d1fa2997907fee8c2876295 on Nov 2, 2017
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Happy Fall everyone!


I think I have a pretty decent understanding of how to use Engagement Programs EXCEPT for one thing: How the cadence works.


I've set up one stream in the program that has 3 "welcome series" emails. I would like each one to be sent once a week. However, I don't want it to be restricted to the day that people will receive it as they enter the stream. For example, we are importing a list of about 600 people into Marketo tomorrow who will be added to this stream. Initially, they will get Welcome Email #1 in a smart campaign and then will be added to the Engagement Welcome Series stream. The way the cadence for this stream is currently set up, these same people will get the second Welcome series email next Friday, Nov. 10th, which is what I would like. However, we'll likely be adding another 600 people to Marketo on Saturday. These people will get their Welcome Email #1 (again via the smart campaign), however, what happens when they enter the Welcome Series stream, will they also receive the next email on Friday, Nov. 10th instead of a week later (Saturday, Nov. 11th)?



Thank you much!