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    New email domain deliverability

    Olga Khadieva

      Hi, i wonder if anyone can share some tips on how to ensure Marketo emails are not being caught as spam and domain is not being black listed when using a brand new domain to send a mass email campaign?

      Assuming that all steps covered in this guide Setup Steps - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation  have been completed and email recipients' consent has been obtained what else can be done to ensure email deliverability of a brand new domain? Would it be helpful to send the first few campaigns to a small batch of people and then gradually increase the distribution list? Are there any other suggestions? Please note that the instance is using shared IPs.



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          Steven Vanderberg

          There is a pretty comprehensive blog post on what you should do to warm up your new domain Changing your Email Sending Domain or Brand .  You will want to give it a bit of time before sending full volume in order to establish your reputation under your new domain name.

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            Kevin McMahon

            Hi Olga,


            Setting up a new IP properly is extremely important to avoid spam and blacklist traps. I highly recommend you do not send any bulk email for the first few weeks until the IP has been properly warmed.


            Days 1-5: Less than 10,000 emails per day. Emails restricted to:

                 - Most active subscribers in last 30 days (visited webpage, clicked link in email, had IM, filled out form, program successes, etc)

                 - Customer account contacts

                 - Active Paid license users

            Days 6-10: Less than 25,000-50,000 emails per day. Emails restricted to (in addition to above):

                 - Most active subscribers in last 90 days

                 - Score greater than 0

            Days 11-15: Less than 100,000-200,000 emails per day. Emails restricted to (in addition to above):

                 - Most active subscribers in last 270 days

            Days 16-20: Less than 300,000 emails per day.

                 - Most active subscribers in last 365 days

                 - Leads that came from a list purchase are included

            Day 21+: normal activity


            *Use the email sends/day numbers as a reference. If your database is small, I would recommend sending to smaller audiences.


            Now I can't include every detail in here, but following a similar structure should help ensure your IP avoids being marked as spam. First impression is important! Only send to people who you know are real based on activity and are most likely to engage with your content. Slowly work your way to a larger send audience every few days for 3-4 weeks. After 3-4 weeks of warm up, your IP should be properly warmed and you are free to pursue normal activities.