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    Daily incremental loading of leads

    Ashwini Hejmady

      I am looking at the options of Daily incremental loading of leads and other custom objects from BI to Marketo. Wanted to know if anyone uses "Import List" options of Marketo do this daily job. And if this job can be automated to run daily at a scheduled time.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Of course -- lots of people do this. But you don't actually automate the UI-based import, you switch to an API-based import (see the API docs).

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            Grégoire Michel

            If you do not want to develop yourself, 2 alternative solutions :

            • Marketo PS provides a Data Loader that can automate imports. Is a development that runs on a windows server and that cazn be more or less adapted to your needs.
            • Use an Cloud ETL solution (e.g. Workato) that can read the file and import its content to Marketo. AFAIK, none of these solution have yet implemente the support of the bulk import API, so they read the file and push the leads to Marketo one by one, resulting in a significant consumption of Marketo API if you need to import a lot of leads, though.