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Lead Scoring Overhaul/Review

Question asked by Eric Woll on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Christina Zuniga

We're currently reviewing our entire lead scoring model to do an overhaul of it, and we want to get some input from others on their experiences.


We're scoring leads today, but the score doesn't carry much weight, if any at all. Our goal is to revamp our current scoring model to find an ideal threshold for a lead's score to hit before the lead becomes an MQL, and is sent to the sales team. Our hope is the find a the best balance as possible of quality and quantity to pass along to the sales team. We've considered completely wiping our current lead scores because some are so high, but also don't want to lose that data as mit might be valuable for this overhaul. We've also thought about resetting portions of the database to certain scores based on things lie inactivity, only opening emails, etc.


What I'm hoping to learn is what best practices/suggestions people have done for their models, different ways people are using their lead scoring model, and/or any insights or recommendations you have for us if you've ever had to overhaul your organization's lead scoring (i.e. analysis to find a threshold, what to do with existing lead score, etc.) .


Thanks for the help!