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Unsubscribe and email opt out

Question asked by 9f49b3d52000ba1b15dedd68f3ba5ddd8946c46f on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by Justin Cooperman

Hi all,

  I'm trying to understand the relationship between unsubscribing a person in Marketo and whether there is any effect on the standard SFDC field "Email Opt Out". For example, when someone unsubscribes in Marketo, does the email opt in field eventually become true? And vice-versa, can we unsubscribe someone in Marketo by clicking the email opt in field in SFDC so that it synches back to Marketo to unsubscribe that person?


I was told by a consultant that this was true, that unsubscribing in Marketo is directly related to the email opt out field, but I haven't actually confirmed.


Does anyone know? Thanks.