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    Marketo Team Structure

    Julia Tilley

      Hi There! I've mentioned that we are getting ready to add a Marketo hire to our team and I have a few questions for those of you working on teams with multiple users in Marketo.

      • How is your team structured?
      • How are the responsibilities and tasks in Marketo divided among team members?

      Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated!



        • Re: Marketo Team Structure
          Sydney Mulligan

          I have worked on teams with 2 different types of structures:


          A MOPs team that had a:

          - Marketing Technologist (that was the primary admin for Marketo and our entire MarTech stack, responsible for vetting and implementing new vendors, overseeing Marketo, maintaining and creating Operational programs in Marketo, and managing the specialists)

          - 2 Marketing Automation Specialists (I was one of them! We got submissions through a project management system from the Marketing team and used program templates to create the programs, emails, landing pages, etc. and send them back to the marketing team and project manager for final approval, then schedule)

          - Marketing Analyst (responsible for all marketing reporting)


          And a Marketing team where I was the sole owner of Marketo. My marketing managers created their own programs in Marketo and I oversaw their activity and the system.


          If you have the budget to hire more than one person, the first scenario I outlined is way better. It allows a system of checks and balances before an email goes out. There are less mistakes and you have the bandwidth to do more marketing. Marketo is a tough system to learn (as you know well!) and having several people who really know it in and out running it makes all the difference in the ROI you'll see from using it.


          PS here's this: Scaling Your Marketing Team for Operational Success – Etumos

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