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Leads from SFDC can sync to Marketo, but not the other way

Question asked by 8c90697ac59a626d0d70925002c2a7a304622b9c on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by 8c90697ac59a626d0d70925002c2a7a304622b9c

Leads in Marketo are not syncing to SFDC; however leads from SFDC are syncing to Marketo. I discovered this issue a week ago when our Marketo form's email notified me that a new lead was created but I was unable to find the specific lead in SFDC. We have made no system changes in either SFDC or Marketo prior to this interruption, except for the Marketo subscription renewal. Our SFDC admin and I verified all settings for the linked user that connects SFDC and Marketo. It worked fine prior to this incident.