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Scheduling Streams but they're not running

Question asked by caf6007a37582103d744dbaadcbc7adcf686cc5d on Oct 10, 2017
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I have a stream built out with 2 campaigns inside:


Touch 1

Touch 2


They were set to launch this morning at 11 am. Prior to these emails sending out, my smart campaign that was built to send these emails out (under the schedule tab) said that it was "set to affect around 1947 existing leads" [see image attached]. The campaign ran, however, it only sent the email to 1 individual. So, we tried to change the stream cadence and set the time to 2pm. Same thing. I then decided to de-activate then re-activate the campaign and set the time to 2:55pm. Nothing.


Why is this happening? Has anyone experienced this and how did you fix it?