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Activities API strange response

Question asked by f533a70d4e8c410cf3579a8c5e4277614f2dbb60 on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by Steven Vanderberg



I am trying to replicate the Interesting Moments section through the API.


I am able to get an access_token via client_id and client_secret. I am able to get a Marketo ID via SFDCLeadId. I am able to get a pagingtoken via sinceDatetime.  (used July 1 2017) Looking at Salesforce I am able to see this Lead has interesting moments since July 1 2017.


Then I try to use this callout to return activity data for this lead:




This is the response:



    "requestId": "aab4#xxxxxxx",

    "success": true,

    "nextPageToken": "abcdxyzxxxxxxxxxxxxxx====",

    "moreResult": true





Why isnt the Interesting moment that I see in Salesforce displayed here?


Why is the moreResult attribute true?  Even though no results are returned... If I use the new nextPageToken in another callout as you would in a more than 300 results situation, I basically get the same response, no real results but a new nextPageToken is given and moreResult is still true.