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Why are my choices applying on a lead if they are not a member of the program?

Question asked by Marit Rossing on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by Marit Rossing

Hi all,


I am working on our engagement programs. I want to pause leads that are not active for for 60 days in our engagement stream and change their program status to unresponsive. I have build a smart campaign that is scheduled every Sunday to check which leads did not respond for 60 days. The flow looks like this:

There are a few more engagement programs in, as well steps to pause the leads. This Sunday the first batch ran. What happened? All leads (unresponsive) were added to every singe engagement program in this flow! Although we have put the choice in: Member of Engagement program is true, this seems not to work:

I am sure no one what in these engagement programs yet, as they are new created last week.


How could this happen? What I am not understanding right? Help!