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    Sending emails on 9/11?

    Taryn Spiller

      Is anyone planning to send emails on 9/11? My team and I are currently brainstorming and wondering if we should have day of silence (no emails) in observance of 9/11 or if we should carry on business as usual and send out campaigns.


      I wanted to pose the question to the Marketo community to see if anyone had any thoughts regarding marketing on September 11th.

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          Devraj Grewal



          Good topic. When Hurricane Harvey hit, we paused communication to those in the Houston area as this pause was region-based and many offices were shut down and unable to even receive email. 9/11 is a sensitive subject, but I believe it is mostly industry-based. For example, sending communication to military or government organizations should be paused as they may be shut down in remembrance, but not necessarily to a software company just because they are based in Manhattan. Again, it is entirely at your own discretion.