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Flow scheduling

Question asked by 0f29fd3d3a0ecc1c99116cf4afc5a08548523f1f on Sep 7, 2017
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Hi All,


I need help setting up a logic



We have 3 lead Status - Open, Lost, Re-marketing


Have a program that works like this


Smart List if Lead Status is Re-marketing


Flow Steps


1. Change status P1 > entered Program

2. Wait 7 days Mon-Friday


3 Send Email


If Segment is Health send EM-1

If Segment is Wealth Send EM-2


What we have experienced is within  those 7 days of wait at step 2 the lead status can get changed to Open and Lost status and because they have been assigned to the flow already they end up receiving the Email EM-1 and EM-2 depending upon the segment that they belong too.


And we do not want that to happen, can some one tell me what filter I can add in flow between 2 and 3 that checks if Lead status is Re-marketing then take them through the remaining flow steps which is send email if its changed then remove them from flow which means they should not receive the email