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How do I create a token that pulls values from a field in a list I've imported, but not added to the lead record?

Question asked by Douglas Meierdiercks on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

Hello Marketo Community -

I want to test an email to customers where I show them what areas their contractor specializes in - for instance, Alice (Customer) has hired Bob (Contractor) to help with setting up email marketing campaigns. Alice would receive an email asking how that project is going and then saying, "Bob can also help you in other areas. Bob's specialties include: SEM, SEO, Google Analytics." The idea here is to encourage the recipient to discuss new projects with their contractor hopefully resulting in repeat business.


I do not have my contractor specialties in Marketo. What I would like to do is import a list from our data warehouse that would contain:

  • Recipient First Name
  • Recipient Email Address
  • Recipient Project Name
  • Recipient's Contractor's First name
  • Recipient's Contractor's List of Specialties


I do not want to add Project Name & List of Specialties into Marketo fields at this time - I want to build tokens to personalize the message and directly reference the values within the list I imported.


Is that possible?