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Considering multi-select picklist for email preferences

Question asked by Grant Booth on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Courtney Grimes

Hi all,


We're looking to move to an email preference center instead of a simple Unsubscribe page, and I wanted to ask for some advice regarding the best way to do this.
In the past I've seen a lot of other people set them up using a different boolean field for each email type - an opt-in field for "Product Updates", another for "Events", etc.
I thought it may be simpler and less confusing for our users to rely on a single string field, which is synced with a multi-select picklist field in SFDC called "Email Preferences" or something like that, which would show on forms with the "checkboxes" field type. That way in our smart lists, we could rely on a single filter called "Email Preferences" and use "contains" logic.
I ran some tests and confirmed that both Marketo and SFDC save the data as semi-colon separated, that the data syncs properly into SFDC, and that the form prefill works with this, so I'm leaning toward this solution.

My question: has anyone else out there relied on a multi-select picklist for for their email preferences? Did you run into any problems or feel like it would've been better to use separate boolean fields?