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    Responsive fonts email rendering/Email DPI



      I have been working in Marketo for about 3 years now and I have recently discovered that the responsive emails I create are not rendering properly in some Apple iOS devices. I am essentially trying to make a font that is one size on desktop (12px) but when it gets to a mobile size I have it set to increase to 18px via media query. This seems to show correctly on some android devices when testing but on Apple iOS devices I get mixed results. After some thorough testing I was able to conclude that on some iOS devices the scale (DPI) seems to be different from device to device. So after I was able to conclude that it's likely not an issue with my code, meta etc; I tested the email through a different ESP/marketing software and all of the discrepancies between iOS devices were not apparent anymore. I sent a ticket to Marketo support with more or less proof that root of my issues start with Marketo, but they say it's NOT an issue with their product.


      Has anyone else experienced these rendering issues when trying to change size of font per breakpoint/media query?