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Call a Webhook for a Batch Audience

Discussion created by Rachel Noble Expert on Aug 21, 2017

Hello wonderful world of marketers!


There are many posts on this topic within the expanse of the Marketo Community. However, I've received many questions on this lately so here is a recap of one of the more common solutions.


If you're reading this post, you probably know that Marketo does not support webhook flow steps in batch campaigns. Depending on your situation, there are likely a number of ways to work around this. Here's just one solution that doesn't require new custom fields or complicated workflows. We are going to use Marketo's Request Campaign functionality to convert a webhook call into a triggered campaign. Note: this process is written with the expectation that your batch campaign is already built but includes a "Call Webhook" flow step.


Just like how a webhook must be built before it can be used, our triggered campaign also needs to be built before it can be used. To begin, create a new smart campaign. In the smart list tab, use the trigger "Campaign is Requested." Use the default "Marketo Flow Action" as the source.


Now in the flow tab, add a "Call Webhook" flow step and include the webhook you wish to call.


Next, go to the Schedule tab and activate this campaign. The campaign must be active to use it for your batch audience.



Now that your triggered campaign is activated, you can use it in place of a webhook call in your batch campaign. Go to the flow tab of your batch campaign and remove your "Call Webhook" flow step. In its place, add a "Request Campaign" flow step and reference the triggered campaign you just created.


When you run your batch campaign, the Results tab of the batch include results about the trigger campaign being requested:


The Results tab of the triggered campaign will have the actual results of the webhook call.



A few things to note:

  1. If your audience is extremely large, you might run into some performance issues with this approach. See this post in the community for some insight into others' experiences.
  2. In the past, webhook calls from batch campaigns would still show as successful in the results tab, even if the webhook failed due to this particular issue. I believe this is no longer the case (Marketo will now provide a response code of 1000) but this is easy to miss and we should be careful to avoid it nevertheless.
  3. Just because I think this is cool: The 3 Coolest Webhooks I've seen (and or) Implemented by Marketo's own John Mattos