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    Creating multi-language email that allows recipient to select the version they can read

    Eric Podewell

      Is there a way to create an email that has a dynamic link or something that allows the recipient to choose the language they want to read the email in whether English, French, or Spanish, primarily? We are not collecting "preferred language" in our db to determine which language the speak/read so there's no segmentation that can be done, we've got to leave it up to the recipient to choose which language the can read it in. For example, if we send an email to Quebec, we want to send it primarily in French, but there will be some recipients that don't speak French and need to read it in English. Thanks in advance for any tips!

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          Andy Caron

          Couple of thoughts here. I don't know of any tech solution that addresses this yet. I looked on Launchpoint and didn't really see one.


          Really the best way to do this is segmentation and use of snippets, but the question is how do you get your segments. If I had to solve for this today with little to no budget, this is what I would do:

          1) Either craft a CTA + form in Marketo or use a survey tool that displays inside the Marketo email (I believe Decidedly delivers surveys in email).

          2) Create one email for each of the languages you intend to support and send your audiences the language you think they prefer

          2) Add a "Preferred language" section below the content (CTA or Survey)

          2.a) If they select an alternate language, either take them to a landing page or trigger a second email with delivering the content in that language

          2.b) Capture responses from people who want a different language and use it to define their segments

          4) You can delta out those who prefer the default language based on opens who didn't ask for a different language


          You may also want to consider a data enrichment service that has data points that key you in to preferred language if available. Even things like social cues, what language are they using on twitter, etc?