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    Original source info, original source type & original referrer - which does what?

    Carly Stevens

      I'm trying to get the info that all marketers want...


      To be able to see where a lead has come from (direct, organic search, email, social, etc), then essentially follow them the whole way through their journey with us from unknown > known > MQL > SQL > customer.


      Struggling a little with the way that Marketo presents some of the info at the front end of this journey, if at all. Pulled a lead report with the following fields - original source info, original source type & original referrer. Question 1, Which field does what? Question 2, What is the source of truth? An example (which lots of other leads follow) below seems to be somewhat contradictory:



      Question 3, Which came first? Have they come from a bing natural search as the original referrer suggests, or from a list import?!


      Question 4, Then there's lead source - how does that differ?! With the same example above, that lead's source is 'Web Form'. So I'm being told 3 different things essentially...they came from a list import, a bing natural search, and a web form!?!? What?!


      I can of course see this information in Google Analytics, but can't see the actual lead it relates to, it's just a count. So if people have use cases where you can somehow connect this info into Marketo then great? I won't even mention our CRM holding the final piece to the jigsaw...


      A take on how others are tracking that whole journey would also be interesting...