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    Tracking what program caused person to cross MQL score threshold?

    Eric Lew

      Hi there!

      I am trying to track which program caused a person's lead score to exceed our MQL threshold. In our instance, when a person's lead score exceeds 15, we consider the person an MQL. I would like to track the program that caused the lead score to cross that threshold, similar to how marketo automatically tracks last interesting moments.


      Here's how our instance would cause a person to cross the MQL threshold:

      Program 1 - Webinar: Person registers for webinar

      Program 2 - Behavioral Scoring: If person achieves program status "webinar - registered", add 5 points to lead score

      Program 3 - MQL threshold: If person's behavioral score exceeds 15, check MQL box


      What I would like to do, is to add a flow step to program three which sets a field called "MQL Source Program" and set it to be equal to the person's last interesting moment. However I see no way to set one field equal to the value of another field in marketo, except for tokens. Unfortunately there is no token for last interesting moment.


      Is there a better way to do this?