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    5 Best Ways to Incorporate Marketo into Corporate Website?

    Alexis Shamsi Hughes

      What are the best ways you've integrated Marketo into your corporate website? I'm looking for examples of how you've leveraged Marketo on your site to generate more leads, nurture new and existing customers more effectively, improve the user experience, increase personalization, etc. Even the most obvious ideas or suggestions are welcome, and any related non-Marketo apps/integrations that you've implemented are welcome too.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Josh Hill

          This is probably best posted in Marketing.


          Big question is really - what do you hope to gain and which tools are you thinking of applying. There are tons of ways to use Marketo. Instead, start with your goals and the experience you want to give people and then think of how to do that with Marketo.

          • Gated Assets
            • Marketo Pages+ Forms
            • Embedded Marketo Forms on main site
            • API and Forms from main site.
          • RTP
            • what's the experience?
            • how are the segments defined?
            • what are the offers?
            • where would they live?
          • Product
            • API, etc
          • Behavior based emails vs. demographics