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Syncing Event Registrants + Guests to Salesforce

Question asked by Benjamin Ortiz on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by Benjamin Ortiz

Hi - We host events throughout the year where we capture registrants via Marketo forms and then sync them over to Salesforce Campaigns - all good.


The issue is capturing event guests and associating them with the original registrant. We do not sync event guests over to salesforce, we currently host them in Marketo Custom Fields, Event Guest 1, Event Guest 2, Etc. and have to often clear them out to accommodate new guests for future events.


Ideally we want to see each event in salesforce with a lead/contact associated and the names of their guests for that event. Has anyone come up with a solution similar to this? I was thinking a custom object that creates a new record for each event that holds the lead/contact and guest info. The tricky part is how to write to the custom object to add registrants and update statuses (registered, no show, etc..).