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    Token's not populating

    Dave Nation

      Hi Guys,


      I've got a bit of a problem with tokens pulling through to a sales alert email in a lead scoring programme. I've built a programme to generate a MQL sales alert. The email is triggering successfully but the token details i.e. first/last name, type, company dets etc. The only field that is pulling through is the lead score. I've included 2 attachments one of draft email showing the tokens and one of an example delivered email alert.


      I haven't experienced this with any other programs I'm struggling to understand what I've done wrong here. Any ideas/advice would be great.




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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hi Dave,


          Hard to say, your email looks fine at first glance.


          Those fields may be blank on some of the test leads coming through, due to some gap in the process.


          You can check your smart campaign that is sending the alerts, and review the last few leads that have gone through to see if all the information is available on the record in Marketo.


          You can also run a test smart campaign on a test lead that you know is correctly populated, to check if there is something wrong with your token setup.


          Smart List: email address IS dave.nation@company.com (check this lead to see if all details are populated)

          Flow: Send Alert  (send it to yourself)

          Schedule: Run once


          If the test is successful, then the issue is probably missing data in the lead records. If it is unsuccessful, it is probably the email alert that is built incorrectly.

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