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Can you use a range in filters?

Question asked by Chelsey Davis on Jul 7, 2017
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I'm trying to create a campaign that will bucket people into three different categories based on how many times a certain field is populated within a three week period. For example, our users get triggered into a campaign that basically sets them to "Active." People will turn "Active" on a rolling basis, and three weeks after being "Active," we want them to receive a message based on a bucket they are in:  good, ok, or bad.


The buckets are based on a field (OE_QUIT_TIME) that populates and then nulls out every night at midnight via our own API push. The field is populated by user behavior.


For example:

OE_QUIT_TIME populates 0-5 times = Good

OE_QUIT_TIME populates 6-15 times = OK

OE_QUIT_TIME populates 16+ times = Bad

The Bad one listed above is fine; I can set "Data Value Changed" with a constraint of a min. number of times = 16. But the other two is what I'm having trouble with. If I set a min. number of times, they will still qualify for, say Good, if the quit time populates 7 times because they only have to meet the requirement of 5. I've tried messing around with inactivity filters, but I think the logic is a little least to me.


The OE_QUIT_TIME is the only way I can determine if a user did this particular behavior, and having it populate is how we know how many times users are doing this behavior.


If anyone has any ideas on how to get these ranges in place using filters, I would appreciate it!