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    Changes with Marketo??

    Tara Rowe

      Is anyone experiencing sudden changes as of July 1st with their instance, besides the changes to Support. Smart Lists no longer functioning the same as previously, Marketo not matching on email and creating duplicate leads in SFDC, Smart Campaigns no longer working that have been functioning for over a year and have had no changes? Normalization on Country was one of the areas we never changed or had anything off set it, and suddenly sync errors, and batch errors, with more and more strange errors or issues coming up. Caution signs when scheduling that have error in count showing on the hover. This list goes on...


      We lost our phone support, and chat is not solving anything for us. Waiting on cases to be addressed which we can only submit one at a time and is time consuming. Would love to see if anyone else is experiencing any errors, or if there is another source we need to be looking into?