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Divide Database into 3 List

Question asked by 5cd70fa0d4c46810ece5ba7dd1710e39bab13444 on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Darrell Alfonso

What are the the steps to divide our current database into 3 list? We are going to promote webinars actively and in order to avoid database fatigue I need to divide the database into 3 list to use on promoting the webinar.



- Webinar A on August 1 will be List 1

- Webinar B on August 9 will be List 2

- Webinar C on August 16 will be List 3


I am thinking of using smart lists (instead of segmentation) to divide our current database but not sure on how to pull this without exporting all leads into csv and manually adding email addresses per list. Also, how would the new leads be entered equally on the different list.


Thank you!