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    Passing leads information over the URL

    Deepak Bhambri



      I am looking out for a solution where as soon as someone clicks on a certain link (http://xyz.com) and falls on our company's website page (Non Marketo page), the additional information {{Lead.Id}} gets passes over to the URL.

      One way of doing this is adding the {{Lead.Id}} token in each URL in an email, which will be tedious task as there are lot of Marketers using Marketo to send their emails and thereby would not be feasible.


      Therefore, I am looking out for a permanent solution which would be implemented to all emails for this URL.


      Thank you,


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          Sanford Whiteman

          Please move the thread to Products. This space isn't for support, it's for discussing the Champs incentive program.


          After moving, please explain exactly what you want to accomplish, rather than your proposed mechanism for accomplishing it, so we can tell you if you have the right idea. That is, what is the actual reason that you want to supply the Lead ID to the non-Marketo site?

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              Deepak Bhambri

              Hi Sanford,


              Thank you for your quick reply. Have moved it to the product thread now.


              All of our company's webpages are being tracked by Adobe analytics rather than Marketo's munchkin and we want to integrate Marketo with adobe analytics. Therefore, we want to send the Marketo's User ID and campaign ID to our company's website with all the links so that Adobe can use that information and add tracking metrics to such leads/campaign.

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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  OK. While far from traditional, I understand the general goal.


                  Marketo is not going to add specific tokens to your links automatically at send time.


                  I can think of 2 ways to get the {{Lead.Id}} onto the links after send time:


                  1. Run your own tracking server proxy, forwarding to Marketo on the next hop and rewriting links so they bounce off an internal redirector LP. That LP can contain the {{Lead.Id}}, append it to the final destination link, and then redirect.

                  2. The same idea, only fully from the browser side.


                  Neither of these is particularly simple, but if you have an experienced developer they can be done. I would personally do the first one because reverse proxies are in my wheelhouse.


                  However, the {{Campaign.Id}} token can't be accessed this way, since a lead has more than one Campaign ID and there would be no way to know which one is relevant. I suppose if you updated a lead field like Last Campaign ID to match the Campaign token as part of the Flow, you could use that and it'd be correct except when there are multiple overlapping campaigns.


                  Still, if I were facing this requirement, I think I'd opt for a pre-flight check (part manual, part technical, for example a bookmarklet to scan emails to see that they have the required params) and not go for any of the higher-tech development. Sometimes you just have to rely on procedures... and it's going to be hard to fully mask your unusual situation as if it's Marketo-as-usual.