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When a lead is merged / associated how can I make previously anonymous activity send an email?

Question asked by Jon Wu on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Jon Wu

Let's say I have a smart campaign that sends an email and is triggered by some activity such as Visits Web Page is Then, let's say you hit that page anonymously, then we collect your email at a later time by calling associateLead to associate the previously anonymous activity with an email address.


At this point, I'd want my Smart Campaign to process all the events from when the lead was anonymous, and then send the email once the email is known, even though the web page visit happened in the past.


Instead, what seems to be happening is nothing. Next Generation Munchkin Tracking FAQ - Marketo Docs - Product Docs  seems to imply that my desired behavior (replay of anonymous events after merge) should be happening.

At the point of conversion (when the person becomes known in Marketo), all activities that occurred when the person was anonymous are appended to the person activity log and at this time they flow through the campaigns they qualify for.

To test, I visit the page in incognito, call associate lead and see if the campaign sent an email from the previous web page visit. Although the visit is added to history, the campaign isn't triggered. If I refresh the web page to add history now that the lead is associated, I do get an email.


This seems to be related to posts from Grégoire Michel (Removal of "Is Anonymous" filters. ), Mike Reynolds, and Peter Szabo (Is Anonymous change >> will they get emails at merge? ).


Is what I want possible? Am I making wrong assumptions?