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    email sent to duplicate and received twice by each duplicate

    Anne-Sophie Mazurek

      Hi Community,


      I just arrived in a new agency and inherited the Marketo account of a client who is just migrating from previous agency to my agency.

      A newsletter was set by previous agency and sent out and (being on the list) I noticed that I received twice this communication (parted by 25 min).

      Checking inside the system, I saw that my email address was duplicated (3 persons actually with the exact same email address exist in Marketo after a Salesforce sync) and entering on the activity log of each I noticed that 2 of the persons were sent the newsletter (I can see "email sent", 'email delivered" "email opened" on the activity logs of 2)


      As I always thought that Marketo by essence wasn't sending the same email twice to identical email addresses even if it was attached to different person/lead, I had a look at how the previous agency built the email program.


      The only strange thing that I remarked is that they didn't program the send at the program level through the control panel but from a smart campaign (with the flow step "email send" and smart list "member of a smart list")


      Does anybody know why the newsletter was sent twice?


      Thanks in advance for your help!