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Cookies Not Functioning Properly on Landing Pages

Question asked by 2b42b059310113d274b8354a5b32439c8b879815 on Jul 31, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by 0b33d576e6fcac21395b06bcbe9dfdd3d934ca3c
We're trying to build out an improved Preference Center and hide the email address field but show people what address they're updating.

It should work because an employee said the cookie is set from the email itself being clicked by that specific lead. Problem is, even if I click through on an email to a specific lead, the hidden email field, landing page email token, and subscription preferences all populate from a different lead's cookied info.

Any thoughts? We tried appending the token to the link itself, which I believe populated the hidden field correctly, but everything else still showed up for a different lead.

I do a lot of testing with different addresses, but it should still populate the info based on the lead clicking their own unique email link.