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    Event Tracking in Google Analytics

    Steve Lella

      Hi Marketo Community!


      I'm trying to set up Google Analytics event tracking for successful Form Submissions. I tried finding a few different articles on the web and unfortunately I can't get it to properly work. The latest set up I tried is a tag & trigger in Google Tag Manager. Could you help me set this up correctly?


      *Tag setup*

      Tracking ID: ours

      Track Type: Event

      Category: marketo

      Action: form-fill

      Label: {{Page URL}}


      *Trigger setup*

      Clicks - Just Links

      Click Classes equals mktoButton

      Page URL matches RegEx (ignore case) pages.na.industrial.panasonic.com/


      Here is the page I'm working with at the moment:  http://pages.na.industrial.panasonic.com/Grid-EYE-Landing-Page-lella-test.html


      Any and all help troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!