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    Cookies Not Functioning Properly on Landing Pages

      We're trying to build out an improved Preference Center and hide the email address field but show people what address they're updating.

      It should work because an employee said the cookie is set from the email itself being clicked by that specific lead. Problem is, even if I click through on an email to a specific lead, the hidden email field, landing page email token, and subscription preferences all populate from a different lead's cookied info.

      Any thoughts? We tried appending the token to the link itself, which I believe populated the hidden field correctly, but everything else still showed up for a different lead.

      I do a lot of testing with different addresses, but it should still populate the info based on the lead clicking their own unique email link.
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          This is somewhat unrelated to the fact that you're saying that cookies aren't functioning properly, but is there a specific reason why you are using email address at all if the person doesn't have to verify it? Similar to the idea behind progressive profiling or form prefill, when you have someone cookied and they go to a page, you already know who they are, so the form doesn't need to have their email address for the information to be appended to their record.
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            Was under the impression it needed to be there for unsub info to attach to the record. Figured we'd keep it hidden for security purposes but show them what address they're unsubscribing from, but the cookies aren't even working in any capacity, so everything (hidden email, email preference choices, displayed email) is populating from a different lead record in mutliple tests and multiple browsers.
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              I'm not sure if my issue is the same as Zachary's but here goes..

              We are also testing various emails in various browsers.  It appears that the browser is dictating the lead identity rather than the lead identity coming from the email link.

              EX:  ncd@mail.com   and  xyz@other.com  share a computer
              -- ncd@mail.com  clicks on a landing page link in her email.  Browser opens and ncd@mail.com fills out form, submits.
              -- xyz@other.com  clicks on the same landing page link in his email.  Same browser as above opens and is populated with ncd@mail.com info.   xyz@other.com  changes info and submits.   Activity is logged with ncd@mail.com rather than xyz@other.com

              I would have expected the email to dictate the lead, and not the browser cookies.

              Is this functioning correctly?  Or should there be something additional in the email and landing page to ensure the click tracks the correct lead?