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    Lead Cleanup

    Itay Billet

      Hi Team, I'm trying to identify leads that shouldn't be relevant to the SDRs based on the lead's common fields (name, company name, email and phone). For example: we saw a lead appear as:

      • Last Name : a
      • Company name: a
      • Email: a@b.com
      • Phone:  1232132434

      We want to mark these leads in a certain status, so they won't be visible to the SDRs.

      I saw the existing discussions in the community that were very helpful (Invalid Lead Cleanup , http://developers.marketo.com/blog/how-to-clean-your-marketo-database/ ) , but I was wondering if someone was able to enhance that.


      Many Thanks!



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          Devraj Grewal



          For complete spam leads like these, I would just delete them altogether so they don't count towards your database limit. If you need to keep them for some other reason, I would create a lead status so they can be easily identified by Sales. I would also mark them "marketing suspended: true" so you don't accidentally include them in an email send.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            What's specifically bad about a@b.com, though?


            OK, b.com in particular can't receive mail because it has no mailserver.  But a@z.com, a@i.net and a@a.org are all publicly sendable mailboxes. Similarly, I routinely fill out forms with my initials -- that doesn't mean I'm a fake lead.  213-2434 is a legitimate phone number.


            Just sayin': a single value or even multiple values can't always tell you if a lead is bogus.


            That said, if you can articulate what you're trying to catch, there will usually be ways to do it so the lead can be discarded. For example, "Domain has no MX record" is a rule that would catch a@b.com. "First three digits don't exist as a North American area code" would catch 1232132434.

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              Darrell Alfonso

              Create a new lead status called Junk.


              Create a workflow in Marketo or Salesforce when a lead is changed to junk status, to automatically assign it to a holding user, or delete.