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    SLC MUG Slack group?

      Hi Marketo users. I work on our marketing automation team at Instructure. We aren't particularly active in the Marketo community, but after meeting several people at the Marketo summit on our flights, we got to talk about whether or not SLC MUG has a Slack group.


      Our Salesforce team is part of the local SFDC Slack community, and I know they really have enjoyed having an active chat channel resource to talk about the platform, schedule meetups and community events, etc.


      Is there currently a Slack organization for SLC MUG? Is this something of interest to people? I imagine that many of us are already using Slack every day in our work environments and it might be a more visible place than this forum for everyday Marketo Q&A and forming a local community around Marketo. I would be interested to hear people's thoughts on the idea - maybe I underestimate how many people here even use Slack

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          I use Slack regularly and think this is a great idea! I would love to participate.

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            Trent Cross

            Andre Washington - thanks for your note. I know that Marketo (as the sponsor of the user group) definitely encourages us to use the community as the primary tool for all communications on Marketo. This particular community is the location to discuss what you have mentioned above (platform questions, schedule meetups, other events, etc). I know we have encouraged members to post, update, ask questions, etc but not a lot of engagement thus far, but continue to encourage everyone to be active. There are several reasons for keeping all the information in a central location for a number of reasons.


            We do have an active community of Marketo users; we meet monthly about 9-10 times throughout the year and encourage everyone to join us at these meetings.  We also share upcoming successes, events, activities, etc that many times do not directly relate to Marketo or even the tech world.


            I personally do not use SLACK at this time (use several other communication tools...just one more tool ha ha).


            That said, we can bring this up in our upcoming SLC MUG Meeting next week SLC MUG: May 17th - Marketo Summit Review and "Ah-ha" moments (or "Oh-no") to get an idea from all those who attend. We'd love to have you attend and participate, come join us.  And I'll send a note out to Marketo and get their thoughts




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