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Change Data Field Delay?

Question asked by Steve Carlton on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Josh Hill

Got a weird one that I would love some help on.


We have an attribution program running that tracks the lead's Recent Source which is updated on each web visit.

For this example the lead's Recent Source was set to "Organic Search".


The lead visited the site and Recent Source immediately updated to "Organic Search". The filled out a form fairly quickly (within a minute of visiting the site) and an alert email from Marketo was sent to us after a 2 minute wait step. The issue is that the alert email displayed a previous Recent Source rather than the source that was set 3 minutes prior.


I've reviewed the activity log for the lead and everything seems to be working properly other than the email showing the old data. Is there some sort of delay when using the "Change Data" flow step that might cause this?