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Updates/improvements to the Community not all positive

Discussion created by Dan Stevens. Expert on Apr 14, 2017
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EDIT/UPDATE: Per the response from Janet Dulsky below, it sounds like many of enhancements around the UI/functionality were pushed out prematurely (based on the guidance/advice from Jive).  Glad to see the "old" community has been restored!


I know that the community admins have been hard at work, making changes here and there to try and make the experience as efficient and positive as possible (https://nation.marketo.com/community/marketing/blog/2017/03/29/improvements-in-community-making-great-even-better).  For example, changing up the top navigation to hopefully drive members to ask their questions in the correct community discussion area (e.g., "Community Help and Feedback" are no longer a sub-navigation item (you have to click "How Can We Help?" > "About" to get to that area).  This is also why I'm posting this here - since that area is essentially hidden now.


Last night, however, many of us regulars noticed the extreme changes made to some pretty important functionality that makes it more difficult to use overall, IMO.  For example:


  • When viewing the two main discussion areas Marketing Central and Products, at first glance one would think to themselves "what happen to all of the recent posts?"  And then notice that the default listing is not "All Content", but instead "Discussion Topics" (which don't include questions).  We all know that the most common type of content posted in the discussions are QUESTIONS - but these are now hidden until you either click that specific content type at the top of the listing; or click "All Content".  Why not continue to list the discussion topics like they used to be listed?  This makes it much less intuitive for the members (especially newbies) and creates more clicks for us that regularly try to respond to those questions. I'm hoping that this is something the team is still refining - and eventually, both Discussions and Questions will be included in the default listing.
  • Often some of us will recognize that a question has been asked to the wrong discussion area (e.g., Marketo product questions are asked in the "Marketing Discussion" space).  We'll often ask the OP to move the question to the Product space so that it gets more visibility and a better chance to be answered by other community members.  From what I can see, you can no longer MOVE a discussion/question from one space to another.  So these questions will continue to sit in the incorrect discussion area and be excluded from the other product-related discussions.
  • After viewing/responding to a question, I used to leverage the breadcrumb links at the top of the page to quickly return to the main list of questions/discussions.  The breadcrumb navigation on every page has now been removed.  Oddly when viewing the community on an iPad, when you use your finger to "push the page down", you can still see the breadcrumbs and other links at the top.  Unfortunately, you can't do anything with them since they quickly disappear when you release your finger.
  • Some other observations include:
    • Unable to "Bookmark" a post
    • Other key content that used to appear in the right-rail of a discussion/question page is now gone.
    • Too much whitespace/openness at the top of every discussion/question/idea page requires more scrolling to get to the heart of that page - the actual replies by the community members.
    • When clicking the "Ideas" section, it's difficult to sort by common criteria like "Score" - that option isn't even available on the main Idea page anymore.  And to be honest, I forgot how I finally was able to sort by "score" the other day.


That's all that comes to mind at the moment.  And I hope this isn't perceived as a bunch of complaining.  Rather, many of us are very passionate about the Marketing Nation Community; and spend quite a bit of time offering advice, support, best practices, etc.


If you want to add to this list, feel free to include them in your replies.


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