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    Tracking Free Trial to Membership

      Hello MKTG Nation,


      I am trying to determine the best way to track a lead from free trial to membership. The free trial field that we use is a date field, which is populated when they start the free trial. The membership field is a boolean. I want to see all of the touch points (program membership/activity) that may have influenced their decision to convert to membership.


      Currently, we do not have lead scoring set up, which I feel like would be a good solution. Is it possible/worth it to set up a lead life cycle path for something like this?


      I'm looking forward to your feedback!


      Thank you,


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          Darrell Alfonso

          This is a good business question.


          Does membership equate with "paid customer"?


          If so, this is very close to creating attribution reporting for your entire instance.


          Here is a great resource for you: Checklist for Attribution Reporting


          Not a small task for sure, but you will be able to analyze campaign influence in depth.


          Lead scoring can play a part in this, but the greater benefits you get from lead scoring is prioritizing leads for sales and evaluating lead quality of your various marketing activities. For example, it is common to hold back leads from sales until they reach a certain lead score, at which point they can be considered "sales ready".


          Lead life cycle/revenue cycle model can be a good way to analyze this, especially if a majority of your leads go through the "free trial" stage.



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