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UTM Codes, Single Landing Pages & Campaign Sync

Question asked by 32ce901b06cc61b244fdc1e6063662628040a27e on Sep 28, 2015
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Hello Marketo Folks!


As always, I value your feedback on so many questions I have as I dig more into Marketo every day, and I have another question/scenario for you all!


We are looking to streamline more of our Marketo and lead generation processes with the following general scenario:


  • Single landing page
  • UTMs created per lead source, all driving to above-mentioned (single) landing page
  • SFDC Campaign Sync turned on
  • Lead Source/Lead Source Detail overwriting turned off / not allowed


We have a general campaign for all website form submissions to be included in - this captures those people coming to our website on their own and filling out a download form. All others (i.e. AdWords, LinkedIn advertising) we would like to go to their own respective campaigns in Marketo and SFDC so that we can track lead attribution more accurately.


Given that we don't allow for overwriting of the Lead Source Detail, and that you can only sync one campaign to one campaign (it can't split), I am concerned that we are going to have leads coming through and defaulting to the main website form submission campaign, lumping everything together into one bucket, rather than separating them out.


Is there a way to get around this to ensure that UTM codes go to their designated campaigns in SFDC? For example, an special step in the associated flow?


Thoughts, opinions, suggestions are welcome as always!