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Use of new CNAMEs

Question asked by 453853ccc51ed77c33e8c9e40a71f3d19cc503d6 on Apr 6, 2017
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Hello Marketo Community!

First post here, apologies if this has been asked already.


Currently, I have my default landing page as After many discussions with Marketo support, we decided to replace our SSL certificate for info2 with a SAN cert that will allow use to use multiple secured landing page URLs/sub domains.


I have added a new domain alias for "" and "". Where in landing page creation can I make the subdomain one of these new CNAMEs? There is no editable field that lets me change the subdomain. Before I had the SAN cert installed, Marketo suggested I use "" for existing landing pages (ie. use the url "" for and existing LP under "". This resulted in a warning message saying that "guide" was trying to use "info2" SSL. Now that we have the SAN cert installed, we no longer get that message but "" redirects to "" which can confuse the user.


So the main questions are:

1. Is it possible to choose which CNAME a lp belongs to if I have domain alias set up?

2. If not possible to choose cname/sub-domain during LP creation, is it possible to keep the CNAME alias as the final URL instead of it being redirected to the default subdomain?


Thank you!