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    Arabic Language Emails

    Sarah Goodwin

      Hello, calling all power users who may have experience sending out Arabic emails via Marketo. Can this be done? If so, what kind of set-up was involved on your end? Is there somewhere in Marketo where you select this language? Let me know. Thanks!

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Sarah,


          This question belongs to Products , where you would be more likely to get an answer. So you should move it there.


          I think that if you implement an arabic font in your email templates, this should be possible.



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            Courtney Grimes

            Hi Sarah,


            Definitely possible, and honestly not that painful. The key for your email templates is to have dir="rtl" set in your tables/cells with text and make sure you're not using any odd encodings like Windows-1256 or ASMO 449. Some designers will use dir to set loading order of tables/cells on mobile devices, but as long as your child cell has the correct direction, you'll be fine.


            There's also some work you can do in terms of swapping out boilerplate language with view in browser/unsubscribe text based on language should you need multilingual support.

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              Rachit Puri

              Yes, this can be done. We have done this when working on building emails with different language segments. Since Arabic is read from RTL (right to left), I would recommend creating a separate snippet. You can code the HTML in the snippet to display the Arabic text from RTL. Once your snippet is ready, you can directly use it in the email or via segments. Almost all the email clients would support it fine unless you are using any special characters.

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