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Please help!! Trying to integrate drupal 7 with Marketo

Discussion created by Archana Ranjan on Mar 30, 2017
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For the cases browser disabled cookie only email id is sent in Marketo to create lead.

A consultant who is building script for us is facing below challenge.

There are two elements to the Marketo tracking cookie:

  1. 'id': EDB's Munchkin ID
  2. 'token': A tracking token that identifies the user

The Marketo API says that the tracking token must match the data sent through Associate Lead packet (which contains a hash of your munchkin_api_private_key and the email address in the lead.)

The approach that we tested yesterday was to check whether cookies were blocked, and when they were we created a variable called $_COOKIE['_mkto_trk'], containing only the 'id' element from above. Because there was no token that matched the hash, this approach was not successful.

It may be possible to engineer a token to include in our $_COOKIE['_mkto_trk'] variable that will "match" the hash (the API says that the hash "corresponds to the browser’s current Marketo cookie value.") Without knowing what the nature of that correspondence is, we can't engineer such a token.

Please ask the Marketo team how we can create a token that will have such a correspondence to the hash between the munchkin_api_private_key and the email address in the lead.


What's the solution to pass complete lead information when browser cookie is disabled.