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Email open rate low for gmail and yahoo domains

Question asked by 1fbb8c37c6ac8ce1fdab50469300809d1ef1a1d6 on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by 1fbb8c37c6ac8ce1fdab50469300809d1ef1a1d6

Hi community folks,


I recently ran into a deliverability issue. Gmail and Yahoo are marking my acquisition emails as spam (according to litmus tests). So I first contacted the marketo support and was told I needed to double check the configuration of DKIM and SPF. But I checked with our network admin and found no issue with those configurations.


so I then went into those emails and found some bad links (I don't know how healthy links all of a sudden were changed into 404 urls prefixed with a marketo prefix string). Then I went ahead and changed those urls back to normal landing page urls.


After above is done, my daily drip continue to get low open rate of 6%-8% which sucks. As a result, the amount of clicks/leads I am getting dropped by half. So I then ran an analysis, still, gmail and yahoo domains are pushing my email into spam (in marketo it shows delivered, but those two domains are not getting opens).


At this point, I think gmail and yahoo somehow have both black listed my sender or my email content. Is there any quick fix I can apply to my drip of emails so the open rate can be fixed?


Thank you so much!