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    Cadence Change Question

    Michell Bauer

      I am new to Marketo, sorry if this question is confusing.


      I have a drip stream engagement program with a series of emails. The first email was sent out. Then management wanted me to increase the audience size which I did. They want me to send emails again this week, but I currently have my stream set up to go out on the 8th of every month.


      If I change my Stream Cadence for the FIRST CAST from MARCH 8, to MARCH 23; will everyone who already received the first email receive it again? Or will the system know the first email went out March 8 to select people?


      I am trying to send out the first email this week only to people who were just added to the program. I understand people who already got the 1st email will get the 2nd one, that is fine, but how can I change the stream cadence to a particular date and time without messing up its understanding that some people already got the 1st email.


      Please let me know how I can clarify if needed. I'd appreciate any assistance on this matter.

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          Devraj Grewal



          Welcome to Marketo.


          Firstly, for a prompt response to your discussion, you should move this to Products as About Community is meant for questions about this Community Portal itself.


          If you change the stream cadence's first cast to March 23rd, those in the stream who received Email #1 will then receive Email #2 in the stream on March 23rd and those who did not receive Email #1 will receive Email #1 on March 23rd. Engagement streams will not send the same stream content to the same lead more than once.


          What I would do is create a separate batch smart campaign that pauses the leads who have already received Email #1, so that on March 23 when the next cast is run, only those who did not receive Email #1 will have a normal cadence in the stream and receive Email #1. Then un-pause those leads after March 23rd and all leads will have received Email #1 and are waiting for the next cast where they will all receive Email #2 at the same time.

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