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Marketo Plug-In for Outlook Vs. HubSpot Outlook Plug-in

Question asked by 57adbfedd6af6d5edb01a91434cfd6622e3fb236 on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Josh Hill

Hi All,


So recently I have found that we have some sales rep on our floor using the HubSpot for Outlook plug-in to track email opens and click throughs.


I want to try to keep it all within Marketo, but do any of you know how the two compare? I know that HubSpot gives access to all of that information in the actual plug-in and they do not need to login to any thing.


For the outlook and Marketo plug-in can each rep track their own emails through the plug in or will they need to know how to navigate a Marketo instance.


Any advice or knowledge on either plug-in would be much appreciated.