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Sanity check: activity and inactivity filters

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Mar 11, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by Dan Stevens.

Looking for confirmation on our understanding of activity and inactivity filters:


  • Using an ACTIVITY filter like "Was Sent Email" and listed are 5 emails, leads would qualify if they were sent either of the 5 emails (doesn't have to be all 5) - essentially, "OR" logic is used here.

  • Using an INACTIVITY filter like "Not Clicked Link in Email" and listed are those same 5 emails, leads would only qualify if they didn't click on ANY of the emails in the entire set.  So if a lead clicked a link in one of the 5 emails (and didn't click a link in the other 4), they would not qualify.  Again, "OR" logic is used among the 5 emails (but when used with a "NOT"/inactivity filter, it works more like an "AND" operator).
    • I think what gets confusing here with these inactivity filters is when you look at it the opposite way (which is the wrong way): using the "OR" operator again, all it takes is one email of the five where the lead didn't click, you could say that the lead WOULD qualify.  But again, we shouldn't be looking at this way.


Do we have this right?