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    Seed lists across workspaces

    Gillian Huson

      Does anyone have suggestions as to the best way to get around internal seedlists (where contacts are repeated) when using multiple work-spaces and communication limits? We need to send emails from one workspace to an internal seedlist where the person/lead may exists in a different workspace? Additionally, we have communication limit in place for clients but, we dont want these to affect the internal seedlist sends. Any suggestions on ways to manage greatly appreciated.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Gilian,


          I feel this question belongs to products rather than to Marketing central More people would be likely to answer.


          On the second point, you can override the communication limits in a smart campaign. This done when you edit the smart campaigns settings in the schedule tab


          ON the first one, there is no easy solution. I would probably create an additional workspace that can access the 2 partitions and send the email from this workspace.



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            Dan Stevens.

            We have 23 country workspaces and lead partitions in our environment. First we created a smart list for this (and add new email addresses as needed):


            Then, as part of our standard country lead routing campaigns, this is the first choice in the flow step:



            Now that we have the required team members part of this list and lead partition, we just make sure that this lead partition is accessible from every workspace:



            When testing, we turn off the communication rules checkbox within the qualification rules.  Obviously, that could be error-prone as someone may forget to re-enable it.  Ideally, it would be great to have an attribute within the lead record to "ignore" communication rules.

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