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Questions on the Important Change to Activity Records in Marketo APIs

Question asked by Bill Lundy on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by Kurt Koller

Regarding the email sent today and the post by Kenny Elkington on March 1st:


When exactly is this happening?

The post says beginning May 2017 and the Spring 2017 release is currently planned for May 17th 2017. Is May 17th 2017 the first day we should expect to see this on any instances?

The email says “This will be supplanted by the "marketoGUID" string field in the next release.”

Is the “next release” that same Spring 2017 release or will the API be updated before that?

Will there be any time before the switch-over that the API returns both the new “marketoGUID” string field and the existing ActivityId?


Is there a way to switch an instance over to this prior to the Spring 2017 release?

This would help in the case of having a sandbox instance to program against prior to the Spring 2017 release to make sure this is in and tested ahead of time.


If the MarketoGUID is not available when the current ActivityID becomes unreliable, how should we uniquely identify an Activity record? 

The timestamp for activities is only is granular to a second, not millisecond.  We think it is doubtful that the combination of LeadId, ActivityTypeId, and activity timestamp to the second is granular enough to uniquely identify an activity.


When can we expect the API documentation to be updated to include the new “marketoGUID” field?


Will old activities be back-filled with the “marketoGUID” field?


Does Marketo plan to use versioning in their REST APIs going forward?

The endpoint currently has a version number in it and we thought breaking changes like this might be put on a new version?


Should we expect other breaking changes with short time-frames like this in the Marketo API going forward?

This change looks to be a breaking change with a two month window to make the change and not an easy way to program against the new API prior to the change. As more partners build services with the Marketo API, it would be good to get a sense of what to expect on this topic moving forward.

Any additional details on the above is greatly appreciated!