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Ungated Downloads Through Email

Question asked by 57adbfedd6af6d5edb01a91434cfd6622e3fb236 on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi All,


We are looking to track ungated downloads of our whitepapers on our website. Due to new rules in the organization we need to track all interaction within bizable. The best way we came to do this was by creating an SFDC campaign that will make any member visible to bizable (what a rhyme).


In emails I am sending out to some of our database contains the link to the thank you page on which the download button for said whitepaper (with the ungated download) will reside.


My logic is smart list:

Trigger: Clicks link on web page "contains" "a portion of the web page url"

1. Not filled out form "our global whitepaper form"


My flow step adds to a SFDC campaign to indicate it came through an ungated email download.


The problem I am having is when people click the link on the page when I send it out via email it does not seem to track, but if I give the link to someone directly it adds them to the campaign no problem. The page is not a Marketo landing page, it is a Wordpress page.


Is this the best way to track an ungated download? Is there a reason why this wouldnt work? Do you guys have any suggestions for a better way to track ungated downloads or trouble shoot this issue?


Thank you all.