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Help: Question about A/B testing in a multiple email drip with the ability to remove a lead during the test

Question asked by d410953c7afc7c66272974fe5b91d79ba062cf2f on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by Grégoire Michel

Hey all,


This campaign has a lot of moving parts so I want to make sure everything will go as planned.


We're doing a drip sales campaign containing 7 emails to a list of contacts and would like to A/B test the titles.


I'm having the campaign separate people into two lists (rather than using "Random Sample" in the Send Email condition) because some of these emails are in response to the one that came before it (RE:blahblahblah), so the title would need to match the previous one that the person received, and if I do the random sample each time on the send, a person who received email 1-A may receive email 2-B and have a confusing email title.


To get this done, I have created a smart campaign which does the following for everyone that is a member of a specific salesforce campaign:

  1. Add to list A & B (Random sample of 50% to each)
  2. Send Email (If member of list A, send email 1-A) (If member of list B, send email 1-B)
  3. Wait until 8AM two days later
  4. Send Email (If member of list A, send email 2-A) (If member of list B, send email 2-B)
  5. Wait until 8AM tuesday of the following week
  6. Send Email (If member of list A, send email 3-A) (If member of list B, send email 3-B)
  7. Wait until 8AM two days later
  8. And so on until email 7.


First, does this seem like the correct way to do this?


Second, I want to be able to pull people out of the drip when a salesperson selects a field in salesforce, to do this I have a smart campaign using the trigger of if the value of that field is changed to true, remove from flow of the smart campaign i explained above.


Will this actually remove the person from the next email? Or will marketo still pull them in because they're a member of list A or B that I created?