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Segmentation & List Building Best Practices?

Question asked by Tom Kerlin on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Grégoire Michel

Hi all,


I separated this question into (2) pieces (A. Segmentations & B. List Building) since I think they relate:


A.) Segmentations

We're trying to identify fields we'd need to build out our future segmentations. The existing content makes it clear that segmentations are meant to be simple, with the qualification for each segment involving only the most basic information. Listed below are some example groupings used to define segmentations:

1. Business Unit (BU A, BU B, etc.) - likely boolean fields?

2. Product Interest (Product A, Product B, etc.) - likely boolean fields?

3. Region/Territory (Ex: North America) - combining Canada and USA?

4. Lead/Status type (prospect, client, competitor, etc.) - likely tied to the sales funnel/lead life-cycle?


Please feel free to post any articles/past discussions that pertain to building out segmentations, but I'm also curious to know what other Marketo users have done to define and build out their segmentations (and what that looks like in their instance) as well.


B.) List Building:

The marketing ops team is collaborating with the sales ops team to identify criteria they use to build distribution lists, with the goal being to replicate this set of criteria in the Marketo database (and build a segmentation off of). However, the product information is not baked in with the data architecture (sync) that exists today, so was concerned we'd need to manually refresh product field values (via list imports) on a monthly basis.


Anyway, I was also wondering what the list build process looks like for other Marketo users, and what set of criteria you use to build a distribution list within Marketo.



I appreciate your help,