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Question asked by 549b8eff076c0c61e24b78ee77d54cbafcb3a1ac on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

  Hi Marketo Community,


I am trying to create a form that will allow me to schedule clients into interview slots. This could also be used for interviewees. Where can I go to find help on creating this type of form? It would be built looking like the following:


First Name:

Last Name:



Monday 3-6

  • 1:30 PM
  • 2:00 PM

etc. ^ The above can be radio buttons, or check boxes format doesn't matter to me as much as the functionality of it.


Then once one of those time slots has been chosen, I would like for them to no longer be available to the rest of the people viewing that page.


If this isn't possible, is there at a minimum a way for me to set up a similar system where people can select their top 3 time slot choices?


Thank you for the direction!


Gregoire Michel? Merci